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SLC Golf Identity

What We Did

  • Branding & Brand Strategy


Salt Lake City, Utah



SLC Golf

What does it look like when a city’s golf course system wants to update its branding and place an emphasis on nature conservation?

The Solution

Formerly known as Salt Lake City Golf, the city’s premiere collection of six different golf courses was in need of an update for their outdated and disparate brand family. Civic golf courses provide two unique opportunities that SLC Golf wanted to highlight. First, public golf courses provide an access to the game of golf for all levels that can’t be found anywhere else. Second, they create a unique conservation opportunity as one of the few groups protecting and maintaining large swaths of open land right in the middle of a burgeoning city overrun with growth. These two strategic initiatives were placed front and center in the branding and the brand story for SLC Golf.

SLC Golf Secondary Logos

A pine cone for Forest Dale, the common driving range guest of a duck at Nibley Park, or Mountain Dell’s resident mascot moose; the new course visual system centers on the uniqueness of each courses’ flora and fauna.

Nibley Park – SLC Golf
Mountain Dell - SLC Golf
Bonneville - SLC Golf
Forest Dale - SLC Golf
Glendale - SLC Golf
Rose Park - SLC Golf
SLC Golf Environmental Story
SLC Golf Brand Standards
SLC Golf Flag
SLC Golf Desktop
SLC Golf Mobile