vs. commercial leasing vacancy in Downtown Salt Lake City
  • City Creek's Challenge

    Being developed under the title Tower 8, City Creek’s newest addition to the Salt Lake City skyline is a 24 story office tower that opened in the Fall of 2022. They needed a name, brand, and leasing strategy that would be fitting of this forward-thinking monolith of architectural beauty.

  • Our Solution

    Ultimately named after the building address, the identity hides a tilted number 8 (Tower 8) created by the 9 and 5. To help cut through the clutter of yet another leasing brochure, we concepted and created a lifestyle magazine to tell the new brand story in a compelling way. And then, along the process of brand discovery, a large scale branding initiative and district appeared.

  • Services

    PLAN // Brand Audit + Research / Brand Strategy + Positioning / Brand Voice + Messaging / Campaign Concept / Campaign Strategy / Go-to-Market Strategy / Lead Generation Strategy CREATE // Art Direction + Graphic Design / Brand Identity / Creative Direction / Environmental Design / Naming / Photography DEPLOY // Advertising / Email / Out of Home / Print

95 State Pillar
95 State Magazine Cover
95 State Magazine Cover


While working to build the brand story for 95 State at City Creek, it became abundantly clear that the entire four block section of Downtown Salt Lake City, and most importantly the office buildings within it that needed leasing, could all benefit from a brand story that expounded on all the benefits the micro district could provide. In parallel with new architectural and development work on the lobbies and amenities of the four largest office buildings in the district, we built a City Creek brand for the district.

City Creek Map
City Creek Sales Brochures
World Trade Center
City Creek Directional Signage