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City Creek

Branding the City Within the City

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Environmental
  • UI/UX Design
  • Print


Salt Lake City, Utah


2018 – Present

The Challenge

Can You Create A Microbranded District Within Downtown Salt Lake City for a New Tower to Fit?

The Solution
1 SLC's Newest Tower
95 State at City Creek Branding & Creative Direction

Being developed under the title Tower 8, City Creek’s newest addition to the Salt Lake City skyline is a 24 story office tower that opens in the fall of 2021. We worked with City Creek to name the building (ultimately after the building’s address) and develop a brand that would be fitting of this forward-thinking monolith of architectural beauty.

The eighth office tower to be built within the City Creek footprint, the identity hides a tilted number 8 created by the 9 and 5.

2 Selling the Space
95 State at City Creek Leasing Materials

An office building without tenants, isn’t much of an office building. So we worked with the leasing team to develop various unique pieces to market the new tower to prospective clients. The centerpiece of these efforts was an oversized lifestyle magazine that put into focus the city, state, building features, and the benefits of the larger City Creek area of Downtown Salt Lake City.

With its location right in the heart of Downtown, and with all the added benefits of City Creek and the City Creek Center, 95 State at City Creek’s ultimate goal was to reinvent how employees spent their 9 to 5, especially important in a post-pandemic world.

3 Expanding the Story
Branding City Creek

While working to build the brand story for 95 State at City Creek, it became abundantly clear that the entire four block section of Downtown Salt Lake City, and most importantly the office buildings that also needed to lease space, could benefit from a brand story that expounded on all the benefits the micro district could provide. In parallel with new architectural and development work on the lobbies and amenities of the four largest office buildings in the district, we worked to begin building a “City Creek” brand that could create this consistent brand story.

Because, when leasing space in one building is really about leasing space in the heart of the city and all the amenities that provides, the sell becomes easier.

By leveraging the strength of one consistent brand story all of the buildings within the micro district, centered by the City Creek Center retail space, can begin to become part of a larger connected network of amenities.

We continued the work with the leasing arm of City Creek to help update and create consistency among their leasing materials and how they look as an organization. From leasing shells to individual sales sheets, we helped them create a brand in line with the quality spaces they are leasing.