Casot Wine + Work

vs. a dry neighborhood storefront
  • Casot Wine + Work's Challenge

    A new bar in a Salt Lake City neighborhood desperately lacking for it, Casot was envisioned to have an even larger and more unique vision: exist as both a night time gathering spot, and a co-working office space during the day. Designed to activate the real estate from 830am to 1130 at night, the new bar needed branding and marketing to help set the appropriate vibe and help it stand out.

  • Our Solution

    Named after a casot, the gathering spaces within Italian wine fields where workers would gather and rest from a hard day’s work, the visual identity takes cues from these stone, square, structures that lay within rows of straight, grape fields. Furthering the idea of pairing of wine and work, the secondary identity icon is made from the combination of a corkscrew and a computer.

  • Services

    PLAN // Brand Strategy + Positioning / Brand Voice + Messaging / CREATE // Art Direction + Graphic Design / Brand Identity / Content Creation / Copywriting / Creative Direction / Environmental Design /  Photography / UI Design / Video + Film DEPLOY // Email / Print / Social / Website Development

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Casot Work + Wine Visual Identity
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