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Kiitos Brewing

Finnish-ing a Beer Brand

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Interactive Development
  • Email
  • UI/UX Design


Salt Lake City, Utah


2016 – Present

The Challenge

How does an upstart microbrew stand out in a suddenly crowded market?

The Solution
Branding & Creative Direction

The base of the Kiitos brand is built on two fundamental ideas: the founder’s Finnish heritage and thankfulness. This idea of thankfulness spawns from a love of what the Earth provides, and thankfulness for the ability to brew with ingredients from the planet. We started the creative process of turning Kiitos’ story into a reality by updating the current logo, designed to represent Finland’s flag.

To tell the first part of the Kiitos Brewing story, its founder’s Finish heritage, we focused our attention on the unique beauty of traditional Finnish art. This region’s inimitable artistic style and history, flavored with a backdrop of bold shapes and vibrant lines provided our visual inspiration.

We examined animals that are native to the Nordic region and incorporated a chosen animal as the centerpiece for each brew. We also paired visual representations of natural elements, such as wind or water, with the chosen fauna for each beer. Finally, we gave each of the products a distinct color to pair with the consistent deep navy blue of Finland’s flag.

Kiitos Pale Ale
Kiitos Pale Ale Story

But of course, the visual artwork on the can will only tell a portion of the story, so for each beer, we wrote an actual story. This fun, paragraph long, quip discusses both the animals chosen and their relationship to the country Finland, while interweaving the various tasting notes and hop profiles of the beer. Currently there are 12 main beers in their product line, each with unique stories and illustrations paying homage to the great European north.

The other important half of the Kiitos’ brand story is their commitment to gratitude and thankfulness. After all, kiitos roughly translates to “thanks” in Finnish.

We worked to write a messaging strategy and brand story that places the brewery’s actions and devotion to leaving as small of an eco-footprint as it can front and center in the consumer’s minds. We even helped turn the founder’s vision for a secondary visual identity into reality.


What does every young and growing brewery need? An informational and beautiful website to send the customers and fans to, of course.

/ Visit kiitosbrewing.com /

We worked with Kiitos to launch their new web home that highlights the brand and product line. The new Kiitos’ website not only features the story of the Kiitos’ brewery and the individual beers, but also advises the reader about where the beers can be purchased and responsibly enjoyed.