Kiitos Brewing un-Finnish-ed brand story
  • Kiitos Brewing's Challenge

    An upstart microbrew in a suddenly highly competitive space, Kiitos Brewing need branding creative direction that would help tell its founder’s story of his Finnish heritage and their ethos to do good and protect the environment while also standing out on store shelves.

  • Our Solution

    Basing the brand story around clever copywriting that centered on the ideal of gratitude and giving thanks (kiitos roughly translates to Thanks in Finnish) we centered the visual story of the brewery on fauna native to Finland. Each can featured a different animal and each had a different story about its place in our environmental ecosystem.

  • Services

    PLAN // Brand Strategy + Positioning / Go-to-Market Strategy CREATE // Art Direction + Graphic Design / Brand Identity / Content Creation / Copywriting / Creative Direction / UI Design DEPLOY // Advertising / Brand Guidelines / Email / Print / Social / Website Development

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