vs. every other boring recruitment firm
  • Helix Recruiting's Challenge

    The startup biotech industry is one that contains extreme nuance and very specific, high-knowledge, training. When companies in this space are looking to hire top talent without the right partner it can be challenging. This is where Helix Recruiting excels. But, competition within the recruiting world is also tight, so Helix Recruiting was looking for a rebrand to help them stand out and apart from their competitors and gain new clients.

  • Our Solution

    We helped them build a new, bold visual identity that is completely unlike every other recruitment firm that’s afraid to stand out and be different. And instead of stock photos of generic biotech stuff, we built the brand around bold writing that spoke directly to the problems that their recruiting firm solves.

  • Services

    PLAN // Brand Strategy + Positioning / Brand Voice + Messaging / Campaign Concept / Website Strategy CREATE // Art Direction + Graphic Design / Brand Identity / Content Creation / Copywriting / Creative Direction / Motion + Animation / Photography / UI Design / User Experience (UX) Design DEPLOY // Brand Guidelines / Digital Advertising / Social / Website Development

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