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Photoshop and the Rise of AI Art

Adobe Photoshop

Recently the industry standard photo manipulation program Adobe Photoshop (you might have heard of that) released a beta version of their app that adds generative AI art standard. It is an interesting step in the inevitable reach towards AI generated art but Adobe’s product has a unique advantage: by pulling imagery from its own massive Adobe Stock collection, the legality issues that are potentially associated with other AI generators and where their art comes from is removed.

Our senior designer and animator Nick spent some time playing around in the program’s new feature and in very little time was able to start generating incredible imagery:

AI Art One

AI Art Three

Going forward the possible uses are both exciting and terrifying. For us, a world where we can storyboard a conceptual video idea easily is incredible, but a world where organizations think brand & marketing strategy is easily replaceable but AI generated garbage in Photoshop, is not. As with everything in AI right now, only time will tell.