Aidan Roberts

Account Manager & Producer

Aidan joined the Redirect team in 2018 out of an interest in media, video, and branding. He spent the earlier part of his professional career in construction management; owning and operating his own successful SWPPP business and working with TLG Company to develop several multi-family developments all over the Salt Lake Valley.

Aidan is a firm believer that the future of marketing, sales, and customer relations is video and other forms of new-age media. Aidan wants to help every client he can to build their companies, messaging, and brand through engaging video content. He joined Redirect to handle the client relations, and new business aspects of the Studios, but as time has passed he has received training in both producing and videography. When not at work Aidan enjoys biking with his wife, playing with his toddler son, and curling up with a pizza to watch a good movie.