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Westminster College

A Digital Strategy in a Class of Its Own

What We Did

  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Video


Salt Lake City, Utah


2016 – Present

The Challenge

How can a liberal arts college increase their undergraduate enrollment efficiently and effectively?

The Solution
A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

To help increase undergraduate enrollment for Westminster’s Fall 2019 school year, we launched comprehensive lead generation and lead nurture efforts. Using learnings from previous recruitment cycles, our 2019 strategy revolved around finding the most cost-effective ways to generate applications and, ultimately, increase enrollment.

Targeting by audience, geography, and demographics, as well as pixel-based and custom list retargeting, we were able to reach prospective students—and their parents!—who fit Westminster’s target profile, optimizing for the highest lead rates and lowest cost per application.

The Stats

To reach prospects throughout the enrollment cycle, and to limit ad fatigue, we developed, implemented, and optimized a diverse media strategy, including an extensive list of ad placements, formats, and messages.

Digital platforms included:
Google Ads
Programmatic ad networks
Retargeting networks

Ad formats included:
Text ads
Static banner ads
Video ads (varying lengths)
Carousel ads
Animated HTML5 ads

Video ads on Snapchat had a 225% higher click-through rate than static ads

Funnel-Based Creative

Working closely with Westminster’s marketing and admissions teams, we produced targeted lead generation and lead nurture assets to support both their brand platform and our media strategy. These included messaging and calls-to-action tailored for students at each stage of the recruitment funnel.

Along with a lead form and contact information, landing pages also featured an “apply now” button for those ready to get started, as well as options for those who were looking for more information: “learn more about scholarships” or “visit campus.”

Additional landing page calls-to-action generated 30% more engagement (our metric was button clicks)

Engaging Parents with Email

As application deadlines approached, we also created an email engagement campaign targeting parents of students with unfinished applications. These emails let parents know what their student still needed to do to complete their application, informed them of upcoming application deadlines, and provided them with more information about Westminster College.