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Marketing That Gets Ship Done

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video


Salt Lake City, Utah


2004 – Present

The Challenge

How does a shipping franchise build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase engagement in an increasingly digital world?

The Solution
Brand Development

We helped Unishippers strengthen their brand image and tighten their creative with the help of a detailed brand guide. As a jumping-off point, we led focus groups with both Redirect and Unishippers teams to determine the key benefits and values of the brand. From there, we created brand standards to help designers produce cohesive—yet still fresh—creative that emphasizes these values.

Online Advertising

To generate new leads and help guide prospects through the funnel, we led the creative development for Unishippers’ digital advertising campaign. We created a slew of unique banner ads—each with A/B test versions!—to implement our ongoing test-and-optimize strategy.

Click-through-rates increased up to 400% from our A/B ad testing.

A Content Based Marketing Program

A key aspect of Unishippers’ lead nurture campaign is a comprehensive email marketing program. We developed a portfolio of engaging videos, infographics, guides, and blog posts to be utilized as featured content for their nurture email strategy, educating prospects while leading them through the conversion funnel.

The Stats

In addition to the lead nurture campaign, we also created compelling promotional and educational emails to send to Unishippers’ current and lapsed customers each quarter. We updated their email template designs to match their new brand standards and increase user engagement.

Engaging Video Content

We’ve created plenty of fun, informational videos for Unishippers over the years. Whether to drive new leads or engage and educate current customers, our videos play a large role in Unishippers’ content library. With videos about everything from NMFC codes and damage claims to carrier limits of liability and LTL freight, these light-hearted videos inform customers about a wide variety of shipping topics.