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Smith’s Tix

The Ticket to a Modern Web Experience

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Email
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • UI/UX Design


Salt Lake City, Utah


2009 – Present

The Challenge

What is the best way to update one of the Intermountain West’s busiest websites?

The Solution
Branding & Creative Direction

A ticket to a concert or sporting event is special, not because of the piece of paper or ticket that grants you entry, but because of the experiential moments that will stay with you forever. Utilizing this idea, we rebranded Smith’s Tix to remove the emphasis from physical tickets (as the previous logo was centered around) and instead centered the brand around the experiences and electric, exciting, moments in time that the service grants individuals.


After conducting user testing and user experience research we designed the new Smith’s Tix website to be more user friendly, engaging, and to allow prospective ticket buyers to easily find events. Various methods, including increased search functionality and an updated event-centric calendar, were included to help users find the events they were looking.

We designed the website in this way, for faster search, which led to higher engagement and an increase in ticket sales.

Email Program

Finally, we worked with Smith’s Tix to bring their high-distribution, weekly, and one-off email program up to date. Creating snippets of information to drive clicks and responsive email design to ensure conversions on all devices, the email program that aligned with their new brand immediately lead to increased engagement with their program.

The Stats

By drastically simplifying the number of call to actions, nearly thirty in the previous designs, to just a few key CTAs, we were able to increase engagement and the focus of the recipients.