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Salt Lake County Health

Spreading the Message, To Slow the Spread

Salt Lake County Covid
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What We Did

  • Content Creation
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Salt Lake City, Utah


2018 – Present

The Challenge

How do you help create awareness and change behavior during a once-in-a-lifetime event?

The Solution
Real COVID Stories

The COVID pandemic was a unique time unlike another in over 100 years. Just like every other government, Salt Lake County was aggressively concerned about reducing viral spread within its community. We worked together to develop a campaign centered around real stories from real people affected by the virus to tell their unique experiences through an emotional context that was “scary” enough to elicit behavioral change without being condescending or pushy. Through digital, outdoor, and print media we drove audiences to these vignette stories from doctors, nurses, long-haulers, and survivors.

SLCO Do Your Part
High School FOMO Campaign

One of the largest vectors of spread was a group of individuals, generally speaking, who see themselves as impenetrable from sickness and unconcerned with how their actions are connected to the larger community ecosystem. A group that certainly doesn’t like to be told what to do by any figure of authority. Teenagers. So, in order to connect with them and express the county’s message about the seriousness of the issue, we created a campaign targeted to high school students centered around the fear of missing out.

Mask Up or Miss Out Logo
Mask Up Press Conference

Utilizing social as the primary driver; Instagram and Snapchat, we created a campaign called “High School Memories Aren’t the Same at Home” design to in a playful, and not parental way, tell high school students that if they don’t help our community through actions like social distancing and mask wearing, they were in danger of the missing the things that high school memories are made of; prom, graduation etc.

The social based campaign was run with pun hashtags designed to encourage engagement including #PromWithMom and #DefaultValedictorian.

Mask Up