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Proper Brewing

What We Did

  • Branding & Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Email
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • Video


Salt Lake City, Utah


2021 – Present

Proper Brewing

How do you create a marketing, brand, and creative strategy plan to properly increase sales for a brewery and four restaurants?

The Solution

When we began working with Proper Brewing their product line contained a large number of canned beers with a disparate set of art direction. We made it an initiative, right as they were beginning to gain shelf space in grocery stores, to help them streamline and create a consistency among their cans so potential customers could immediately recognize Proper Beers on the shelves.

Proper Beer Cans
Proper Brewing All Cans

Sometimes containing pop culture references or movie homages; the new can art work lives inside a set of rules to create a consistency while allowing for a looseness that creates an energetic variance.

The Stats
Proper East vs. West
Proper Beer Coasters
Proper Street Advertising
Proper Brewing Instagram Social

The brewery is Proper’s most forward facing brand, but it is more than just a brewery. The Proper group has two fine dining restaurants: Stratford Proper and Avenues Proper, and their downtown burger restaurant: Proper Burger in addition to a Sugarhouse bar: Craft by Proper. To help increase sales, drive new traffic, announce events and promos, and generally use the strength of each restaurant and the brewery to help one another; we created email & social media campaigns to drive traffic and increase frequency.

Avenues Proper
Stratford Proper
Craft by Proper
Craft by Proper Trivia Night
Proper Emails