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Proper Brewing

The Proper Way to Increase Sales

Proper Brewing
Proper Brewing Pattern
Proper Brewing

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Email
  • Interactive
  • Social


Salt Lake City, Utah


2020 – Present

The Challenge

How do you create a marketing and brand plan to increase sales for a brewery and four restaurants?

The Solution
1 Setting the Groundwork
Beer Line Strategy

When we began working with Proper Brewing their product line contained a large number of canned beers with a disparate set of art direction. We made it an initiative, right as they were beginning to gain shelf space in grocery stores, to help them streamline and create a consistency among their cans so potential customers could immediately recognize Proper Beers on the shelves. Playing on their name, we decided the creative direction should take two avenues; one for traditional favorites, and one for their unique taste offerings.

We decided, why not split their beers into two offering lines, “Proper Beers” and “A Little Less Than Proper Beers”?

Proper Brewing 8 Pack

We ended up creating a set of cans that were tame, and traditional just like traditional beer flavors (IPA or English Golden Ales) and one set that pushed the art direction within a small set of creative rules and regulations for beer flavors that are a little different and non-traditional (like a Rose with Passionfruit and Guava).

2 Traditional Favs
The Proper Beers Line

For the more traditional, Proper Beers, we took the already existing can artwork and reformatted them in a new structure that kept the art direction and brand equity of these favorites, but in a new format that made sure the Proper Brewing logo was front and center for placement of store shelves.

Proper Beer Line
3 Making it Hop
The Little Less Than Proper Beers Line

The creative direction and art direction for the Little Less Than Proper Beers took on a looser and more free flowing direction. Still beholding to a defined under structure, and ensuring that the Proper Brewing logo remained front and center for shelf placement, we took and enhanced existing labels and created new labels for beers as their product offerings begin expanding in flavors and in the locations where they were sold. With nods and homages to movies and 80s pop culture, the creative gives a small taste of the Proper team’s personality.

Well Rested

Blizzard Wizard

Yacht Rock Juice Box


Brunch Beer

Trop Rock Juice Box

Jump the Shark

Whispers of the Primordial Sea

4 getting the word out
Content & Advertising

The brewery is Proper’s most forward facing brand, but it is more than just a brewery. The Proper group has two fine dining restaurants: Stratford Proper and Avenues Proper, and their downtown burger restaurant: Proper Burger in addition to a Sugarhouse bar: Craft by Proper. To help increase sales, drive new traffic, announce events and promos, and generally use the strength of each restaurant and the brewery to help one another; we created email & social media campaigns to drive traffic and increase frequency.

Proper Emails
The Stats
Proper Food Photos

Through social media programs and advertising programs, we’ve helped push new sales growth and avenues of the brand for not only the brewery but also for the multiple restaurants (and growing) under the Proper brand umbrella.

Proper Social
Proper Advertising