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Market Street Grill

Fresh Ideas in an Ocean of Sameness

What We Did

  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • UI/UX Design
  • Video


Salt Lake City, Utah


2017 – Present

The Challenge

How does a classic Salt Lake restaurant capture and recapture an ever-changing and modern audience?

The Solution

The Market Street Grill and Market Street Oyster Bar has been a favorite in the Salt Lake valley for 40 years. But with ever-changing demographics, increased competition, and younger audiences; Market Street had to rethink it’s brand look and feel to stay relevant in the market place. To showcase that it’s still a traditional fish and oyster house while also being forward thinking, we started with its most public facing asset: the website.

/ Visit marketstreetgrill.com /

Utilizing new photography, patterning elements, and photography that aimed to segment audiences for the both the Grill and Oyster Bar; we designed and built new websites aimed at capturing traffic for the marketing content programs that were created to push traffic and drive increased reservations, gift card purchases, and more.

Email & Content Programs

When we market restaurants there are four key tasks we undertake: building brand awareness, inciting trial, increasing frequency, and increasing loyalty. Targeting different groups including loyal program members, online reservation bookers, and general restaurant goers; we put together new email and social programs designed at eliciting action and providing specials and relevant content weekly.

The Stats

As part of our content development undertaking, we helped create refreshed assets for the visual brand. After undertaking a photography session of “people in restaurant” we proceeded to create new, geometric, food photography of their best selling items and a refreshed iconography set.

This new creative style allowed us to visually tell the story of a modern and innovative restaurant, without having to actually say it.

Weekly offers were created as “squares”, designed to fit both in the email design, but also on social media and a wide variety of other amplification mediums.

Market Street’s highest level of engagement, not surprisingly, was attributed to video content produced. These videos provided information and how to’s for cooking fish from the Market Street Fish Market.