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Habit Burger

Igniting a California Burger Brand

What We Did

  • Interactive Development
  • Traditional Advertising
  • UI/UX Design
  • Video


Irvine, California


2010 – 2014

The Challenge

How do you create a forward-thinking web and brand experience for a Cali-cool burger joint?

The Solution
Visual Language

As part of the process of visually redefining The Habit Burger Grill, we created a new fresh color palette, utilized new typography, graphic style, and visual hierarchy to define how the brand should look and feel to portray the core of their brand: “California Cool”.

Point of Purchase Advertising

We worked with the Habit marketing team to create playful headlines and used mouthwatering photography on their in-store stanchion signs help to showcase the monthly specials for the restaurant and help capture customer attention.


After evaluating and researching competing brands within both the burger joint and fast casual space, we created a new and energized look for The Habit Burger Grill website that helped set it apart from the rest of the industry and allowed for an increased connectivity with their customer base.

The website was designed to be unique and forward-thinking, outpacing a traditional industry. Our success is evident in the longevity of the website; still viable years later.

The Charburger Challenge

Prior to updating The Habit Burger’s brand, we designed and developed the Charburger Challenge, which was an interactive memorization game. Aimed at promoting the quality and speed of the restaurant while also engaging its customers in a fun and unique way, the game was built on multiple platforms including a web version and a Facebook, iPhone, and Android application.