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El Camino Health

The Prescription: Marketing Strategy

What We Did

  • Content Creation
  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Market Analysis


Mountain View, California


2010 – Present

The Challenge

What are the most cost-effective ways to increase consumer engagement and hospital utilization rates?

The Solution
A Revitalized Membership Program

In late 2012, we decided that HealthPerks—the Women’s Health membership program at El Camino Health—needed a revamp. We knew we needed to change the program structure to offer more opportunities to engage members and drive them to that “next step,” so we revamped the email design, opened the newsletter up to both genders, and promoted it on a number of hospital communications. Through these changes, we were able to grow the HealthPerks membership by over 200% (and still growing!), while also increasing user engagement.

The Stats
A Comprehensive Stones Campaign

In 2019, we launched a comprehensive kidney stones campaign, informing four unique audiences about stones risk factors and the Fast Track Stone Program at El Camino Health. We sent out a series of three emails—with unique content for each audience—encouraging prospects to download our new infographic, among other calls-to-action. We also created four unique mailers, which dropped after the first two emails.

This campaign was very successful, driving great email engagement and utilization of hospital services.

We continue to track ongoing hospital utilization back to this campaign.

The Stats
Health Risk Assessments

We helped El Camino Health implement a comprehensive campaign utilizing health risk assessments. These assessments give patients and prospects the opportunity to consider their risk level for a variety of health concerns, such as breast or lung cancer. In addition to driving prospects to complete the assessment(s), we also developed a customized drip campaign via marketing automation that nurtured prospects with appropriate messaging and calls-to-action based on their specific health risks.