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Marketing. Branding. Video. And More.

Our name, Redirect, isn’t just a boring proper noun. It’s an action verb. Because that’s what we’re about, taking action and solving your most difficult challenges with digital & creative marketing services.

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What Exactly Would You Say You Do Here?

Nothing is harder to define than what we do. Do we build websites? Yes. Create brands? Sure. Place digital ads? Absolutely. But we use all of these marketing services together to help you understand who you are—and then we help everyone else understand who you are too. Or, to put what we do into LinkedIn terms:


The Big Idea

We wear a lot of hats at Redirect, but above all, we’re idea people. We create that game-changing thought and build marketing campaigns that drive real results.


You can’t find it on a balance sheet, download it, or give it a raise; yet it’s your organization’s most important asset.

Content Creation

It takes more than an “A” in English to produce quality content for your business. Every brand is built upon a great story—and we can help you create it.

Market Analysis

Marketing in the dark is pointless (not to mention a little scary). Let Redirect shine a light on the market forces that affect your brand.

Lead Generation Strategy

Creating the emotional connect that gets consumers connected to brands takes more than a hello and a proposition.

Brand Messaging Development

What your brand says—and how it says it is—is almost as important as what your brand does. Make sure what you’re saying is right.

UX/UI Design

We solve the problem that needs to be solved, and then make it look beautiful and usable. UX/UI in a nutshell.

Product Design

In a world where companies are battling for customers, the design and usability of your product is essential to its success.


Digital Advertising

The core of today’s advertising starts with getting your brand online and in front of the right people. We’ll make those connections happen.

Direct Mail

From simple self-mailers to intricate high-impact mail, Redirect directs engaging direct mail to your consumers…directly.


Properly marketing and managing your event is paramount to ensuring that it turns out fire and not, Fyre.


Email is one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience—there’s a reason your inbox is never lonely! With expertise in every platform, we can help perfect your next email campaign.

Interactive Development

HTML5, CMS, apps; whatever the build we can get your dream rolling on the information super highway.


You may think print belongs in the Jurassic period, but it’s far from extinct. See how Redirect brings ink on paper into the modern age with eye-catching creative.

Relationship Marketing

Because marketing isn’t about sales transactions or numbers, it’s about relationships between people.

Search Engine Optimization

These days, the second page of Google’s search results is practically the dark web. Let Redirect help get your brand back to safety (and drive traffic to your site).

Social Media

Social media’s not just for your nosey Aunt Karen. Establish your brand with engaging social media content across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Traditional Advertising

Television, newspaper, billboards, and radio…tradition, tradition! There’s a reason these tactics are marketing staples.


Animated or live shot, the media of today and tomorrow gets more eyeballs and creates more engagement than any other. Trust us: video works.

2 the other stuff

Sometimes it’s hard to categorize your hodgepodge of digital marketing services. That’s when you take those specialty skills and put them here: in a slightly sarcastic “etcetera” section. But don’t assume these capabilities are here for lack of love! We love a good niche.

Capital Infrastructure

Building from the ground up, big infrastructure projects deserve big ideas—and we’ve delivered big results.

Franchise Development

Expanding your business while preserving your brand image is a complicated process that requires an experienced hand. Redirect’s experienced hand, to be exact.

Government Relations

Political campaigns take a very specific expertise to run. So if you’ve got the voice, we’ll help you get the votes.

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is about having conversations and building relationships with people. Real people, with real healthcare needs. And we’re the people who can help.

Real Estate

If you’re looking for help marketing your new development, look no further. From residential communities to commercial properties, we’ve done it all.


What’s better than an incredible restaurant concept? A restaurant concept with customers. We can help you make it happen.


Does your event’s social media presence need a face lift? Then you need SMART: our Social Media Action Response Team.