April 26, 2016 by Stuart Laybourne

We’ve Re-Redirected Redirect

No matter how sweet the fruit is, eventually it turns stale and needs to be thrown away… or incinerated. A brand is no different, and our agency’s brand had reached the bio-hazard level because it had been out, sitting on the proverbial counter, for way too long. It’s always hard for agencies to find the time to concentrate on themselves, and not client work. The cobbler’s kids get no shoes, or slick websites that properly showcase their company’s soles, right? Fortunately for us we found the perfect excuse to blow it all up. Renovating and moving into a sparkly new building gave us the kick in the butt moment we needed to finally get it done.

Like any branding project we undertake, our brand is not just pretty pictures and color. It’s about strategy. And this is our strategy:

Evolution not Revolution

We’ve been around for more than a decade making cool stuff. There’s some brand equity there. We love orange because it portrays enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, and creativity. We have a triangle over our i, because, we just do. So we didn’t want to burn it all down, but rather build on what we had. We centered who we are around the phrase you’ll see on our homepage, “crafting marketing solutions for a digital world.” We’re obsessed with the little details, with perfection, with the craft of everything we produce. We’re just like those shoeless cobblers. So to represent this we ditched the mechanical font, and hand-drew an energetic script font. See that triangle? It’s still there, and you’ll see it a lot of other places, that’s why so many things around our site are at a 60 degree angle. We also decided to do ourselves a solid, and expanded our palette away from just orange and gray.

The Redirect Evolution

We Have Personality, Big Personality, and We’re Going to Show It

We’re irreverent and whimsical. We’re inane and silly. But it’s because we’re thoughtful and it leads to impactful results. And, that’s the point. We have personality, and we’re going to show it, because it behooves us to do so. Our job, as a marketing agency, is to cut through the clutter amid the overwhelming prevalence of marketing messages an individual is subjected to everyday, to deliver our own messages. I always preach that brands must speak to people like real, actual people. If we don’t take our own advice, what good is that advice?

So, we’re not going to sterilize our brand into overused buzzwords or uptight boringness for fear that we’re too far from the normal conventions of business. We’re going to make bad puns. We’re going pretend an inflatable dinosaur is an important team member. We’re going to have a ridiculous 404 page. Bottom line, we’re going to talk to people like they’re actually people, and it’s going to help them remember us.

Because in today’s world, marketing competes with entertainment and vice versa, and the best content wins. And, we know that no one’s message has ever stood out by simply fitting in.

Case Studies not “Work”

We’re not a creative production house, we’re a marketing partner. Sure we can come in and build you a website and leave, but we much prefer, and we produce better results when we can become integrated in a company’s culture. When we have the time to build proper relationships and build brands in multiple facets and multiple ways everyone benefits. We only succeed when our clients succeed. So we’re not showing “work”. We’re not showing all 5,000 projects we’ve ever done. We don’t have an industry or project type filter. We’re only showcasing case studies, snapshots of long term relationships between us and our clients.

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Showcasing creative work is easy. Its what people instantly respond to. It’s the sexy. But we utilize creative as a means to an end. It’s what gets people talking. It emotionally connects with them. It helps make their lives easier. It drives results.

One of the biggest things that bothers me in the design world is the way that work gets shared and how the conversation arises around it. Agencies post in their portfolio cool looking logos. Visually appealing websites. A really funny television advertisement. And then we criticize them, or we have an awards gala where we all pat each other on the back about how amazing the work is. But we do it all in a bubble, totally ignorant to what the actual purpose of the exercise was, to get results for the client. We rarely discuss the whole reason we were there in the first place, to solve a problem.

So, we’ve tried very hard to articulate the initial challenge the client faced, why we did what we did to solve the problem, and the results that our problem solving led to. How very Hardy Boys of us.

So, Hello!

So there here we have it. You probably don’t know who we are. You probably haven’t seen us around, we’re not much for self-promotion. But we create really great work that gets results and clients think we’re super awesome. Perhaps we should be more demonstrative about letting the world know just how awesome we are. The best marketing agency in the world, in fact, according to my parents.  In the meantime, maybe you’d like to be our friend, poke around our new website, and say hey.