January 9, 2017 by Stuart Laybourne

Video: Content Development for the Fish Bowl

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then what’s a video worth?

The answer is a whole lot more.

At Redirect, we are big believers in the power of video. We recommend it as a centerpiece in your marketing strategy. This isn’t only because we have an office-wide affinity for adorable cat videos. It’s because the stats back us up.

It is the Internet
A 2014 study estimated by 2017 (which is like, really soon) over 71% of the internet will be video content. By 2019 it’s estimated to rise to 80% of the internet’s traffic. This means that by 2019 blogs posts, written articles, buzzfeed surveys, photos, even fake news will only make up 20% of what’s on the internet.

Better Email Click-throughs
According to Ibid, adding a video link to email increases click-through rates 65%. But, it gets even better, video content elicits action and retention. Brainshark reports that studies have shown 65% of people watch at least 75% of any video shown, which means your marketing message is more likely to be remembered.

Improved Website Conversions
A Cisco report shows that website conversions (filling out a form or taking other actions) nearly double with the addition of video. Why? Because people prefer watching video. Are you sensing a theme?

In case mere words haven’t made the case yet, watch our quick video:

Why do people favor video over written content?

Because the average attention span of American adults has shrunk to less than that of a goldfish.

Oooooh shiny object.


We’re curious about your answer to this question: did you read our words first? Or did you, like the rest of internet users– skim the opening–watch our video, and read this closing paragraph? Shoot us a message and let us know!

At Redirect, we help clients boost brand awareness, generate leads, and engage their audiences through the power of video everyday.

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