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To a major degree this writeup is nothing more than a self-serving note of record keeping. There is no larger marketing purpose to this first post on our new website. No SEO value to be attributed, or social boosting to occur. This blog post is a message in a bottle. Here I stand, on the proverbial shore, tossing it into the ocean of the internet. It is a story of our new website and the strategy behind it.

Our new website is calling you. And yet it couldn’t possibly know your number. Weird.

There is simply no better sales tool for an agency than the work they’ve done and the results they produced in the past. And there’s no better way to showcase that work then on our own website. Our website is our door-to-door salesman, digitally knocking on doors and expunging our benefits, without the annoying disturbance or old-timey hat. It’s the first place someone goes to check us out, and is the answer to “so you are like a wannabe Don Draper or something?” So even though our old site was only four plus years old, a silly bouncing toddler of a website, it was antiquated. It looked old and wasn’t putting our best foot forward and a modern, forward-thinking, marketing and creative agency.

Did you know that 75% of users admit that they make judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design?

Which means it behooves us to take the advice we’d give clients, and ensure that our most important marketing asset reflects us. It’s important that our website looks as cool as my mom tells me I am. It has to scream “we’re on top of our game”.

So here we are.

And here you are.

As I mentioned, first and foremost our site is centered around our case studies. Trying to explain what we do is hard, because we do a lot of varied disciplines that fit under a very thin veil of “marketing”. Or is it “design”? Or “advertising”? Check out our what we do page, you’ll see what I mean. We couldn’t even find a way to categorize it. The easier way to answer the question is simply to say here, this, this is the type of work we’ve done.

Redirect Case Studies

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that people hate reading on the internet. Most people. And so most agencies’ case studies are word-light, picture heavy web pages that showcase the creative. Well we’re a lot more than just a creative agency… so we wrote a bunch of words in ours. How else can we explain the full depth of the strategy that goes into projects past just the pretty pictures? Still don’t want to read? You have free will and a scroll bar, just marinate in the visuals. (oh and also a lot of quality words are good for SEO, did we mention we’re a full service marketing agency?) Also, there’s no better content to engage users than video, so we’re slowly creating 15 second videos that showcase our whole case study.

There’s photos and bios of each of us. We’re real people after all. There’s a slick demo reel. There’s a fun eguide about us. Check out how nice that development is. Really the point is… are you curious about who we are and the quality work that we can potentially do for you no matter what vertical of marketing you need help with or whatever goal you need to reach? Let our digital, annoyance-free telemarketer be our proof of concept. Arthur Miller would be so proud.