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The silence has been deafening – the empty streets, the shuttered stores. But America is starting to open back up for business and at Redirect, we’re here to help you get back up on your feet and thriving once again. Whether you’re trying to adapt to the new normal, evolving your business to meet a marketplace remade, or already open and preparing to accelerate growth, let us show the ways we can help get your business back to business.

Marketing and advertising during downturns creates an opportunity to increase sales and build marketshare. Consider these historical studies and examples.
Redirect Digital

Redirect Digital is a Salt Lake City, Utah based marketing and advertising agency. We are creators. Storytellers engaging consumers. Marketers, who help brands define themselves at the intersection of strategy and creative. At Redirect we craft compelling, channel-agnostic content that abandons the generic and helps organizations elevate their communications above the competition. More than just ads and token social media posts. We create brands, videos, websites, email & social programs, digital advertising, and more; strategically integrated to create meaningful, measurable connections that move consumers from now to next.

And sure, we’re great at measurable return-on-investment, but we’re also great at making things that are unquantifiably beautiful, whimsical, and impactful. Sometimes, it’s a first impression that’s just measured by your gut. Subjective? Yeah. But so is love. And maybe that’s the point, because what we do best is create content that people love.


Here at Redirect, we’re all about taking action to help build your business. So we wrote a little book about who we are, what we think, and how we can help your organization move the business needle by standing out in a bland world of sameness. What techniques can we use to meet your goal? We’ll tell you. How can we help you reach your marketing goals? We’ll tell you. Are there dad jokes? Yes, even though in an agency intro deck that’s probably a faux pa.

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