Creative Director

Stuart Laybourne

Stuart brings more than a decade of art and creative direction experience to the Redirect Digital and Direct Marketing team. He is a graduate of Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, where he received a Bachelors of Science in Design in Graphic Design with a minor in Business. While finishing school he worked as one of two designers for The Fiesta Bowl, The State of Arizona’s largest collection of tourist events. At the Fiesta Bowl, he helped lead art and creative direction for the organization’s 40+ events including five college football bowl games and the 2007 Florida/Ohio State National Championship Game. After graduation, Stuart worked for over four and a half years at R Squared Graphic Design and Advertising, a Phoenix graphic design studio, where he directed art and creative projects for over 50 local and national clients. Most recently he spent over a year at a Salt Lake City startup venture, Experticity, where he led the marketing creative and product UI for the company’s products.

Stuart believes that powerful creative design paired with captivating storytelling provides the medium to engage users and elicit change and action. But, above all, he advocates that brands talk to people like actual people, not robots or marketing committees. At Redirect, he leads the creative team to ensure the highest standards of creative communication are achieved in every client project. He has helped lead creative and art direction for all of Redirect’s recent clientele including major branding and business development projects for Clark Planetarium, Kiitos Brewing, Park Avenue SLC, First American, InteriorWorx, USTAR, Smith’s Tix, The Habit Burger Grill, placemedia, TMM Data, Salt Lake County, Intermountain Healthcare, Pluralsight, and the Eccles Theater. When he isn’t enveloped by creative thought, you can find him utilizing his excessive height advantage on the basketball court, or having his nights and weekends ruined by his pathetically-inept, but still beloved, Cleveland sports teams.