Account Supervisor

Molly Griffin

Molly has been working in the marketing industry for over 15 years. Graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing Communications, she brings a solid understanding of design to her account supervisor role. Before graduating, she interned with and realized marketing was her real passion. She spent the next five years at Overstock in various capacities, including online marketing manager, where she managed both online advertising objectives and comparison shopping engine relationships to meet strict ROI metrics. She also spent four years at Datamark (now Helix Education) managing the nurturing and conversion marketing campaigns for up to 30 clients at a time.

Molly has a long background and interest in the technology and data behind marketing. She has a strong grasp of ESPs, CRMs, website builds, and online marketing tools and loves to find ways in which one or all can fit within marketing strategies. She is extremely focused on maintaining strong and honest relationships with her clients, and prides herself on her responsiveness and project management skills. At Redirect, Molly has managed lead nurturing, business development, or website projects for USTAR, El Camino Hospital, TMM Data, UNIConnect, Galileo, and Pluralsight, among others. While it’s true that technology and science – including Star Trek (except for episodes after Deep Space Nine, because those were terrible) – are high on Molly’s interest list, she’ll be the first to watch funny cat videos or heckle her coworkers.