Account Director

Kristin Jolley

Kristin brings over 20 years of comprehensive digital marketing experience to her role at Redirect. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/Honors from Westminster College with a minor in French. Hoping to become a writer, things went awry when she landed a job right out of college in corporate marketing at Associated Food Stores, helping independent grocers make the move to the digital world in the late 1990s. Continuing on to specialize in digital marketing strategy, online media, content marketing, and marketing automation, Kristin honed her talents at companies like Helix Education, Alliance Health, 1-800 Contacts, Lead Media Partners, and HyperX Media. Her expertise reaches into many industries, with deep experience in education, technology, and healthcare specifically. She has applied her knowledge and skills to a wide variety of clients, including AdvancedMD, BD Medical, Big O Tires, Myriad Genetics, Snowbird, and Unishippers.

Kristin believes actionable data is the key to results-oriented success. Implementing technological solutions, then analyzing and optimizing accordingly, is the backbone of an efficient and effective performance-based marketing strategy. When Kristin isn’t hatching the next cunning plan for our clients, she can be found riding her bike, savoring a good novel, or rolling her eyes at her teenage son.