Account Supervisor

Ellen Doxey

Ellen comes to Redirect with a strong background in both design and marketing. Her love of art and design began early, and she found plenty of inspiration in her hometown of Portland, Oregon (although technically she was raised in the much less exciting town of Hillsboro, but she keeps that fact quiet). Working as a senior designer for a promotions company, Ellen discovered that her passion for the creative industry extended beyond just design, and loved learning the reasoning behind the designs she created.

Ellen developed her love of writing and editing in her courses at the University of Utah, where she recently graduated with a degree in communication. A self-proclaimed grammar nerd, Ellen is very serious about the importance of a well-placed comma. She is excited to bring her passion for writing creative, memorable content to the Redirect team. When she’s not working, Ellen enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring her new Utah surroundings. She also very much enjoys eating grilled cheese and playing N64 at home in her pajamas.