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TMMData is a leading provider of flexible data management solutions and software that enable organizations of all sizes, from mid-level to enterprise-scale, to easily access, integrate, standardize, analyze, mobilize, and visualize data from nearly any source. TMMData's software drives nimble decision making and organizational efficiency, giving businesses the tools they need to operationalize data by automating productivity-sapping data integration tasks. TMMData puts the ability to transform data into knowledge at the fingertips of nearly anyone in an organization, from analysts to C-suite executives.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Content Development
  • Email
  • Interactive
  • Online Advertising
  • Video

The Challenge

TMMData was a newer platform in the data aggregation space that was ready to make themselves known in the market. But, with an outdated logo that didn't visually represent their service, they needed help establishing a new brand and website.

Our Solution

Visual Identity

After intensive research, we developed a new, complete brand platform for TMMData. We wanted the logo to embody the idea of "order from chaos" because their platform aggregates data from different places and formats, allowing the user easy reporting and analysis. Using an animated word scramble that created a finished, contained logo to represent chaos to order, we were able to conceptually describe order from chaos.

Company Overview

In an effort to further define their personality, but to also quickly explain what their product did in a way that would capture an audience's attention, we created TMMData a new company overview. With entertaining homages to Monty Python and South Park, the video described the target audience's pain points and what TMMData's powerful solution could do to alleviate them.

Tone of Voice

TMMData's team felt strongly that their brand needed to have personality to showcase the fun nature of their team – something that lacked in the data aggregation space. This goal to show their personality and better connect with their target market led to headlines and copy littered with pop culture references and humorous content.

As part of TMMData's rebranding, we built a new website that not only reflected their new brand messaging and identity, but also would be a powerful tool to aid in converting prospects to clients.

One Sheets

We wrote and created industry-specific and feature-specific collateral to be used for tradeshows as well as online lead generation purposes. We wanted to succinctly describe how the platform could solve specific problems.

Online Retargeting Campaigns

We continued TMM Data's humorous tone into online advertising retargeting campaigns, designed to trigger visual memory and return potential clients to TMM's website.


Our first project with TMMData was the creation and launch of a tradeshow theme with creative, promotions, and collateral – with only two weeks until final art files were due to Adobe. We took TMMData’s ‘data zombies’ idea and developed the ‘CDC (Center for Data Control) Safe Zone’ concept for their booth. We created a Twitter campaign just for the Adobe Summit that was meant to accomplish three things: procure Twitter followers on a newly branded Twitter page, provide a venue for distributing booth prizes, and give guests another reason to interact with the booth – taking a picture with a live and in-character ‘data zombie’ and tweeting it with the hash tag #nodatazombies for a chance to win. We designed, ordered, assembled and delivered all of the booth’s marketing collateral and prizes. T-shirts, stickers, co-branded Vapur® bottles, zombie ‘trading cards’ and more were carefully created so that everything tied cleverly together.

The Results

218% Increase in Web Traffic - First 2 Months

Online Campaign Led to a 700% Increase in Web Traffic - First 3 Months

Redirect was a business lifeline for us during a major marketing and software launch. We needed a memorable campaign to build awareness while driving home our positioning at one of the largest Digital Marketing conferences. Redirect built on the original concept to create an amazing campaign that was a huge success. Not only did they execute with extremely short timelines, they handled all of the details to allow us to focus on finalizing the data management software in time for the conference. Redirect provided strategic recommendations and campaign executions throughout the entire process of building landing pages, conference marketing strategies, social media execution, as well as pre and post conference follow-up. Their project management, creative vision, communication, and implementation were flawless and took a huge burden off the company during a critical stage. I highly recommend their services.

Chris Walsh Co-Founder, TMM Data

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