Salt Lake County Library Services

With 18 locations throughout the county, the Salt Lake County Library system serves over 4.5 million people at its branch locations annually and millions more through its online web services. Now over 75 years old, the library is constantly looking for ways to connect with the people it serves through innovative methods.

What We Did

  • Content Development
  • Interactive
  • Video/Animated Video

The Challenge

Needing to be innovative to refute the notion that libraries are simply antiquated, our team worked with the library to create anniversary PSAs and online interactive games that incorporate lessons about how to use the library's services online and at local branches.

Our Solution

75th Anniversary Videos

When the library system marked their 75th anniversary they wanted to create a campaign refuting the notion that libraries are an antiquated nonnecessity. We helped them create a series of television ads contrasting the system's past with the present while highlighting the exceptional service and technology it's provided through the years and into the future.

The Kid Zone

We worked with the county's librarians to better understand the functionality of branch libraries and online services. Kids enter the game through their own rooms and are prompted by practical tasks they might encounter, like writing a report on Ancient Rome. Once they have completed the task successfully, they are rewarded with the option to play one of five games that further reinforce the library's services.

The Results

75th Anniversary Videos - Gold Telly Winner

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