Kiitos Brewing

Kiitos Brewing is all about gratitude, from the bottom of their hearts to the head on their beers. Salt Lake City's newest microbrewery is founded on two core principles: The founder's Finnish heritage (including Finland's rich history of brewing) and gratitude for good friends, family, and a beautiful planet on which to enjoy them all. In fact, Kiitos is the Finnish word for "Thank You." Currently, Kiitos beers can be found in various locations along the Wasatch Front with a rapidly growing sales footprint.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Interactive


As a new brewery with lofty production goals, Kiitos Brewing wanted to tell a very unique story with their brand that encompassed both their Finnish roots and their cornerstone principle of gratitude. Kiitos asked us to develop a brand and product packaging that stands out in an already crowded marketplace.


Branding & Creative Direction

We started the process of turning Kiitos' story into a reality by updating the current logo, designed to represent Finland's flag. To pay homage to Finland's heritage in a memorable and visually interesting way, we focused our attention on the unique beauty of traditional Finnish art. We examined animals that are native to the Nordic region and incorporated an animal as the centerpiece for each brew. We also incorporated visual representations of natural elements, such as wind or water, for each beer. Finally, we gave each beer a distinct color to pair with the deep navy blue of Finland's flag.

Product Line

Kiitos launched into the Salt Lake market with three flagship beers: Kiitos Pale Ale, Kiitos Blonde Ale, and Kiitos Amber Ale. We developed the packaging for the brand and wrote individual stories about the beers, including the Finnish animals featured in the branding. Since the initial launch, we have continued to help them expand their product line by continuing the branding to various other products.

We launched a new web home for Kiitos Brewing highlighting the brand and product packaging designs we developed. The new Kiitos' website not only features the story of the Kiitos' brewery and the individual beers, but also advises the reader about where the beers can be purchased and responsibly enjoyed.

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