InteriorWorx partners with residential and commercial builders in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona to provide complete interior finish packages—products, installation, and service—for their clientele. Their portfolio consists of seven companies that offer flooring, cabinetry and related woodwork, countertops, doors, lighting and other products used in interior construction.

The Challenge

Given the diversity of the InteriorWorx portfolio of companies, they wanted help creating distinctive brands and messaging for each of their seven companies while still maintaining a similarity amongst the family's brands.

Our Solution

Family of Brands

We assisted InteriorWorx in creating differentiated names, logos, and messaging for its portfolio of companies. This branding established each company’s presence in the marketplace to attract and retain customers.


To help aid in quick visual recognition amongst the multiple types of products and projects the InteriorWorx brand family encompasses, we developed an iconography system to help differentiate information quickly and easily.

Builder Design Center Content Development

To build assets for websites, email, and other promotional materials, we art directed photoshoots at two locations of the Builder Design Center. These photos became a centerpiece element in the company's brand story.


To define the brands in more detail, we created one sheets for each of the InteriorWorx companies. We also created product one sheets, to promote the interior-finish selections available to customers. We also designed various letterhead, envelopes, signage, business cards, infographics and email signatures for InteriorWorx and partner companies to reflect the new brands and tell their brand story through multiple mediums.

Builder Design Center Branding

Borrowing from the InteriorWorx X shape, we built a visual brand element called the DNA to bring images and color together. We then created a whimsical set of illustrations to be used in various places throughout the brand to create a sense of fun and joy that should accompany a new home purchase.

Builder Design Center Introduction Video

Previously, the Builder Design Center invited homebuyers into the showroom to watch a Powerpoint presentation, and gave them an on-site walkthrough of the BDC. To orient homebuyers more quickly, and from the comfort of their own home, We created a fun introductory video that provides homebuyers essential information before their appointment. We reduced the orientation time and effort from 30 minutes (without travel time) to 2.5 minutes.

Builder Design Center Website & Onboarding

The centerpiece of our solution was to design and build a website that would streamline the process. Once a new homebuyer is created in the system they are led through a series of screens, which includes the introductory video and a questionnaire that gets to a homebuyer’s style and lifestyle. These answers assist BDC designers in getting to know their clients before they arrive, and allow them to curate finish options that best suit the needs of their clients. Finally, homebuyers can schedule their appointment. This process has alleviated a significant amount of time during the appointment—for both clients and designers—and decreased time previously dedicated to appointment coordination.

InteriorWorx's website became a template for other portfolio company websites. By designing and building each website similarly, we brought consistency to the InteriorWorx brands while also containing costs. Additionally, each of these sites are maintained from the same platform for ease of management.

Family of Websites

We created websites for each of the partner companies, incorporating new brand standards and necessary SEO. For companies with existing websites, we worked to ensure a smooth transition between old and new—keeping existing keywords, SEO, and content—to conserve high search engine rankings.

We helped InteriorWorx's door manufacturer, Krosswood Doors, reposition its brand to be emotionally engaging—transforming mere slabs of wood into entryways of treasured spaces. We then helped Krosswood extend its brand through a new e-commerce website, to allow the company to sell doors online for the first time.

As the premier, high-profile commercial landscaper in the state of Utah, Intermountain Plantings needed a web presence that matched the quality craft their landscaping work exudes. We designed and built them a new custom website to match exactly that purpose.

High-Impact Direct Mail

To increase awareness of InteriorWorx to an audience of the top homebuilders in Utah and Boise, Idaho, we created a highly targeted, high-impact mail campaign that drew immediate attention. The campaign partnered InteriorWorx with Mannington Floors and offered relevant customized experiences like floor seats at a Utah Jazz game.

The Results

High Impact Mailer Drew a 10% Response Rate

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