Get into the River Festival

The Get into the River Festival brings together the community, businesses and local governments to celebrate, restore, explore and recreate on the Jordan River corridor. Thousands of people each year turn out to celebrate the many wonderful things the river has to offer as well as volunteer to help clean up and restore the river to make it a destination for all to enjoy for generations to come.

What We Did

  • Branding
  • Interactive


Around the Salt Lake Valley, the Jordan River carries negative connotations with it. The river festival aims to help dispel these notions by creating a fun, family-friendly month of events. But, their brand didn't match the joyous tone that they were looking to project and needed to refresh how they were establishing themselves at a brand level.


Rebranding the Festival

The festival needed to tell its story in a unique way that spoke to families and alluded to the fun that the festival created. So, we created a completely new brand designed around whimsical animated animals participating in activities involved in the festival. The newly designed logo was built using an 18 segment graphic element reminiscent of water that represented the 18 Salt Lake Valley cities that participate in the festival.


To help telling the festival's new brand story, we built a simple website that not only amplified the Jordan River Festivals' brand messaging, but was an informational hub for community-based events.

Additional Collateral

We also helped the festival tell its story through various marketing and promotional pieces including posters, banners, lawn signs, wristbands, and more.

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