August 18, 2016 by Nick Ketterer

Drawing Creativity From Unlikely Sources

As I sit, immersed in design, listening to Reservoir Dogs for the 50th time or snickering to myself about an episode of Kenny vs Spenny that I have listened to far too many times for it to be considered normal… I find that dialogue or a mood from film helps occupy the space of my brain that doesn’t play nicely with concentrating on the task at hand. Not surprising, I noticed that I may very well be the only person in the office that participates in this approach to creativity.

I would like to think this is something I alone have created and could patent on some level or another, but as my father has told me… “Boy, your mind floats through life on a boat that doesn’t exist.” Isn’t that the greatness of creativity though? We can create something from nothing. Nearly everything we see and interact with was produced from just that, ‘nothing’… or at least something very unrelated. It took an apple falling from a tree for us to know gravity, it took a pharmacist trying to cure headaches for us to enjoy a Coca-Cola— and why not throw into the mix the ultimate “Something From Nothing,” that’s right, the good old Big Bang.

Creativity comes at us from unlikely sources. Sometimes those sources are accidents and sometimes they are unrelated nonsense that we enjoy or use to pacify a racing mind. At any rate, I have noticed the more unconventional options create some of the most interesting results.

So as I sit here trying to find some enveloping statement that makes this all fit in a nice little package… I will leave it as it is, unfinished in all its’ glory. Waiting for an accident or unrelated incident to make it an award winning blog post of 2016. I will however say this, never be hesitant to try something new. Enjoy the beauty of accidental discovery and creativity. The more unconventional option is always an option and to embrace it.