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Roger T. Rex

Chairman of the Board

Made in China, but inflated in Utah, Rodger hangs out in the creative war room doing strategy stuff. He is quite literally, a completely insubstantial airhead and doesn’t have any education. Prior to coming to Redirect, his experience includes sitting in a box. In a warehouse. In the far east. People: he’s an inflatable dinosaur. Don’t overthink this!

He believes that humans’ portrayal and understanding of his species in popular media is as short as his arms.

He doesn’t want to rip anyone to shreds, nor does he want to sing everyone’s kid a song about love. He just wants to help the Redirect team bring impactful solutions to clients despite the expectation that he should be a vicious, tyrannical killing machine. This existential crisis is Rodger’s life at the office. In his free time, he enjoys trying to reach the keyboard so he can scour the internet and discover the full litany of overused, played out jokes about his tiny arms.