Unishippers helps small and medium-sized businesses across the country save time, trouble, and money on express, ground, international, and heavy freight shipping by creating complete, individualized shipping solutions. We have worked with Unishippers for more than 12 years assisting them with email campaigns, content development, digital marketing, surveys, and video creation.

What We Did

  • Content Development
  • Email
  • Video

The Challenge

Unishippers wanted to extend their marketing into the digital space to reach beyond their website to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase online engagement for prospective franchise owners and customers.


Video Content

We have worked with Unishippers for the last couple years to create multiple content videos that feature benefits of owning a Unishippers franchise through animation, narrative, and testimonials from franchisees. We've also worked to create videos that are informative in their nature to help customers and prospective customers understand intricate issues contained with the shipping process. All of these videos are leveraged by Unishippers for lead nuture campaigns.

Email Campaigns

We design and create compelling content for promotional and educational emails that Unishippers sends to customers each quarter.

Online Advertising

We manage Unishipper's online advertising programs. In partnership with the client, we create static and animated banner ads to appeal to prospective franchisees. Ads link to corresponding pages on the company's website, and success is measured through click-through rates and completion of an online form.


Intended to help aid in Unishippers' brand appeal, we've helped develop an iconography set used throughout the email program to help readers quickly distinguish and digest information.


Created to entice potential customers and franchisees to learn more about Unishippers' products, services, and overall business, we wrote and designed whitepapers for the company as an additional marketing tool, to be accessed from blog posts, the website, and email.


Images are processed 60,000 times faster than words, which is why we created an infographic for Unishippers to recruit new employees to work for its growing business. This piece can be emailed to prospective employees, placed on the website, as well as printed and sent by mail.

The Results

Winback Emails - 25.6% Average Open Rate

Loyalty Emails - 27.8% Average Open Rate

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