Storytelling and Strategy, Designed to Create Remarkability

We’re a Salt Lake City based full service digital marketing agency, combining strategy and creative to develop measurable campaigns and daring ideas that deliver the greatest possible return on every dollar spent. We build brands by looking deeply at buyer insight and stakeholder alignment before providing the creative response that moves people from now to next.

And sure, we’re great at producing ROI, but we’re also great at creating things that are unquantifiably beautiful, whimsical, and impactful. Sometimes, it’s a first impression that’s just measured by your gut. Subjective? Yeah. But so is love. And maybe that’s the point, because what we do best is create content that people love.

The Redirect Team

Our Home

The Glass Barn

Maybe it’s symbolism, but we see ourselves as marketing craftsman who take the existing and make it into more. Our building, The Glass Barn, reminds us of this purpose daily. The former home of a telecommunications company, we renovated the aging and aesthetically unappealing structure and created something greater. Now it’s our humble home housing our agency and our friends Wilkinson Ferrari & Co., in the middle of Salt Lake’s East Central neighborhood.